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Yoga Empowerment Retreat

Kosrae Island, Federated States of Micronesia


September 2020  


What is a Yoga Empowerment Retreat and Where in the World is Kosrae???


This retreat will not take the form of a traditional yoga retreat.  Inspired by the lifestyle and work of Retreat Leader Kara Miller, this trip offers a truly unique opportunity to immerse into a Pacific Island culture and way of life. Kosrae is the smallest of 4 islands in the Federated States of Micronesia and has been described as an unblemished garden of flowers, palms, banana and citrus trees. It has a slow, laid back, friendly vibe and a rich history including ancient Lelu ruins, World war artifacts, cave systems and shipwrecks you can dive to.  Kosrae’s famous Mount Finkoi referred to as the “Sleeping Lady” offers adventurous trekking through multiple waterfalls, a diverse and tropical jungle full of birds and other endemic species, and incredible, ancient ruins. There is epic surf and pristine waters with thriving hard coral colonies and rich marine life. Kara has been working all over Micronesia for the last 8 years and knows and loves these islands dearly.  She has local networks and relationships that allow for an intimate, authentic and meaningful experience while getting to know the people and culture of this place. There will be multiple opportunities to immerse into Kosraen culture and way of life, and there will be two specific service projects completed during the week. 

This year Kara is teaming up with Jackie Troller, a Performance Freediving International (PFI) certified Freedive Instructor to offer various freedive training and adventure opportunities under the sea in Kosrae!

What is included:​

  • Buffet breakfast every morning

  • Dinner every night with 2 choices 

  • Yoga twice a day with Kara

  • Intro to freediving workshop with Jackie 

  • Local Kosraen guides and expertise for all adventures

  • Marine conservation service project

  • Women’s cultural workshop with local Kosraen women

  • Cultural event with local food, dance, music


Hotel room (single - triple occupancy available) @ Tree Lodge Eco-resort included in retreat prices; you buy flights on your own.  


Optional day activities including hiking to ruins, swimming in waterfalls, snorkeling or scuba diving, stand-up paddle boarding, surfing (swell dependent), massage, local handicraft making, and more.

You provide:

  • Plane tickets

  • Daily lunch

  • Scuba diving gear / boat rental (if applicable)

  • Freedive course add ons ​​

  • Snorkeler course add on

  • Tips

Retreat Pricing:


The following price breakdowns pay for your entire retreat including

accomodation. You buy your flights on your own.


● Single room occupancy (1 Yogi): $1,130 USD
● Double room occupancy (1 Yogi and 1 non-yogi): : $1,339 USD
● Double room occupancy ~ both Yogis: $1,787.50 USD
● Triple room occupancy (all yogis): $2,445 USD


If you have any questions on pricing, please contact Kara @ (503) 807-3179 or

Flight Prices:


Flights (not included in pricing above): Prices are usually ~$1,800 round trip
United Airlines has a monopoly on travel in this region; thus, unfortunately, these are the ONLY
flight options available.
United Airlines flight 154 -- depart Honolulu @ 7:25am Friday, August 30, (Honolulu → Majuro →
Kwajalein → Kosrae) -- arrive Kosrae @ 1:15pm Saturday, August 31st.


● First yoga session Saturday evening after arrival
● Five full days to enjoy Kosrae Island

Depart Kosrae @ 3:27pm on Friday, September 6 (Kosrae → Majuro → Kwajalein → Honolulu),
arrive Honolulu @ 2:50am on Friday September 6th.

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